Staff List

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Teaching Staff List

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Teacher's Name Department Role Mentor Group
Mr Gary Ashdown Social Studies Director of Learning (DOL) FAS
Miss Madeleine Barber Science Teacher  
Ms Vicky Barnard LAN Assistant Director of Learning (ADOL) LAN
Mrs Alison Barnes Science Teacher SAB
Mr Peter Barnes Science Teacher  
Mr Elliot Batchelor PE/Social Studies Teacher FEB 
Mr Elliott Blake History Teacher EEB
Mr Luke Borland ICT Director of Learning (DOL) MLB 
Mrs Geraldine Briggs LAN Teacher  
Mrs Kayleigh Carpenter English Teacher MKC
Mr Simon Carter ICT Teacher FCR
Ms Gillian Casey English Teacher  
Mr Jack Cassidy English/RWC Teacher JR
Mrs Natalie Chamberlain SLT Vice Principal (Aspiration and Ethos)  
Ms Tanya Chandler Maths Teacher STH
Miss Fiona Christie Performing Arts/Dance/Social Studies House Leader Simmonds  
Mr Jonathan Cooke Languages Teacher FJC
Mrs Yvonne Corbishley SLT/Maths Teacher/Leading Practitioner/Associate Assistant Principal YC
Mr Phillip Cornish Design Technology Teacher MCN
Mrs Vicky Cornish LAN Teacher VC
Mrs Claire Cosham English Teacher CH
Mrs Giselle Dabernig Performing Arts/Drama House Leader Ennis  
Mr Mark Dabernig Performing Arts/Drama Director of Learning (DOL) WMD
Mr Graham Dann Science Teacher FDA
Mrs Emma Davies PE Teacher WKT
Ms Jacqueline Davies Social Studies Assistant Director of Learning (ADOL) EJD
Mr Josh Delmon PE Teacher MDL
Mr Simon Dipple Performing Arts/Music Assistant Director of Learning (ADOL) WSD 
Mr Gerard Dummett Mathematics Director of Learning (DOL) SDT
Ms Melanie Dunnaway English Teacher EMY
Mr Max Dyer PE Director of Learning (DOL) DR
Mrs Nicola Dyer PE Assistant Director of Learning (ADOL)  
Miss Sally Eves-Dann Science Teacher WSE 
Mrs Louisa Farina Science House Leader Murray SPA
Ms Claire Findlay SLT Vice Principal (Quality of Teaching)  
Mr David Francis English Teacher  
Mr Luke Gander SLT/PE House Leader Murray  
Miss Kelly Garzia PE Assistant Director of Learning (ADOL) MKG
Mrs Sophia Gilbert Mathematics Teacher SSG 
Mrs Anna Goodwin Art Teacher EMY
Miss Carole Gorman ASD ASD Lead CG 
Miss Emily Hall Design Technology Assistant Director of Learning (ADOL) FEH
Mrs Katherine Hamblin Science Teacher SKC
Ms Judith Hamid English Teacher  
Ms Julie Horne Social Studies Teacher JH
Dr Thomas Howley Science Teacher MTH
Mrs Tanya Hubbard Mathematics Teacher STH
Mrs Rebecca Husarz Science Teacher  
Mr Christopher Jackson Science Teacher CJ
Ms Lil Johnson LAN Director of Learning (DOL) LAN
Mr Thomas Joyce English Teacher WTJ
Mr Tom Kelly Science Director of Learning (DOL) SKY
Mr Jake Lambert History/Geography/SocialStudies Teacher/Assistant Head of Sixth Form JL
Miss Jodie Lansdale History Director of Learning (DOL) EJL
Mr Alistair Larter English Teacher/AST Gifted and Talented  
Mr Mark Lawrence Art Director of Learning (DOL) FLW
Ms Alexandra Lehmann Performing Arts/Music Teacher EAL 
Mrs Beverly Linnett English Teacher WBL
Mr Frank Malone Maths Teacher EFM
Mr Simon Marsden SLT/PE AST PE / Head of Sixth Form  
Mr Philip Matthews SLT Principal  
Mrs Carol Maxwell ICT/Business Teacher MCM
Mrs Tracie May English Assistant Director of Learning (ADOL) MTM
Mrs Peta Mellish Maths Assistant Director of Learning (ADOL) SPM
Mr Adam Michaels Geography Teacher EAM
Mr David Miller SLT Assistant Principal - Additional Needs Learners  
Mr Richard Miller History/Law House Leader Farah / Teacher of Law / History  
Mr Simon Mills Business/AST Director of Learning (DOL) WMI
Mr Billy Moakes Science Assistant Director of Learning (ADOL) WMO
Mr Andrew Myers English Teacher  
Miss Vicky Neal English Teacher FVN
Mr Kieron O’Kelly Art Teacher EKO
Mrs Diana Pett Science Teacher SDP
Miss Elizabeth Price School Games School Games Co-ordinator
Miss Kat Ringsell Social Studies Teacher EKR
Mrs Evelyn Rodway Languages Teacher WKT
Mr Martyn Scott Geography Director of Learning (DOL) EMS
Mr Adam Sherwood PE House Leader Wiggins / Teacher of PE  
Mr Zachary Shinebourne Mathematics Teacher  
Miss Charlotte Southall PE/Performing Arts
Teacher WCS
Ms Lindsay Squires Business Assistant Director of Learning (ADOL) LS
Mr Stephen Steele Design Technology Director of Learning (DOL) FSS
Mrs Karen Street PE PE Technician \ Trampoline Coach MKS
Mrs Katia Tully Languages Teacher WKT
Mr Keith Walker SLT/Mathematics Vice Principal (Achievement)  
Mr Tom Walter Science Teacher  
Mrs Lucy Watson Mathematics Teacher MLW
Mrs Denise Whatley Design Technology Teacher WSE
Mr Rob Wilkinson PE Teacher SRW 
Mrs Susan Wilkinson   Business Manager  
Mrs Lisa Wilson Mathematics Teacher SWL
Mrs Sophia Wilson English Director of Learning (DOL)  
Mr Richard Winton SLT/PE Assistant Principal (Learning Culture)  
Miss Amy Wright Public Union Services Teacher