ASD Provision (BASE)

ASD Lead - Miss Carole Gorman


Miss C Gorman, ASD Lead

ASD Provision: B.A.S.E. (Building Achievement Supporting Education)

Hailsham Community College’s B.A.S.E. is a specialist ASD Facility within the main school. Placements in the facility are limited to 12 and are assigned by county. The aim of Hailsham Community College’s B.A.S.E. is to support young people with a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome or high functioning autism in all aspects relating to education. Our Inclusion agenda aims to increase participation of each young person enabling them to receive an education which will provide the foundation for future success. To ensure this happens one must create an inclusive culture, which is secure, accepting, collaborating and stimulating where everyone is valued. We will expect to support a diverse range of young people and will provide a differentiated curriculum which will be adaptable to facilitate successful learning.

We aim to promote independence by offering:

  1. ASD friendly environment
  2. Differentiated curriculum
  3. Personalised Action Plan
  4. Peer mentoring
  5. Professional Development / Staff training and awareness
  6. External support from relevant Professional Agencies


  1. Young people will have access to a calm low stimulus environment
  2. Interactive and visual aids to support learning
  3. Allocated individual work space
  4. Laptop access for each individual
  5. Alternative changing facilities
  6. Homework club
  7. Break / Lunch club
  8. Private facilities for personal care


  1. Full access to mainstream curriculum subjects
  2. Curriculum differentiated to meet young people’s individual needs
  3. Additional support for social skills and emotional literacy
  4. Additional support offered for literacy and numeracy
  5. Encourage and implement strategies to promote independent learning
  6. Opportunity to access and participate in main school lessons

Peer Support:

  1. Promote partnerships with peers to support social interaction and development
  2. Develop peer mentoring opportunities
  3. Educate peers to gain a greater understanding of young people with ASD


  1. Conduct professional development training for all key stakeholders.
  2. Provide parent training and support

External Agencies:

  1. Access to Speech and Language specialist providing consultation and assessment for ASD individuals
  2. Consultation and advice from Occupational Therapist
  3. Regular Common Assessment Framework (CAF) meetings where appropriate
  4. Regular consultation with East Sussex ASD Co-ordinator 

Contact Details:

Miss Carole Gorman

ASD Lead 01323 841468 Ext 1252