School Funding

You may be aware of the campaign that Headteachers in other counties, such as West Sussex have launched, in order to protest at the lack of school funding and the effect on our children and young people. Headteachers and governors in East Sussex have decided to do something similar and we would like to ask you to join in. Please find attached a letter from the Principal which mirrors letters sent from East Sussex schools across the county asking you to support this campaign and write to your MP. You can find out more by following #FlatCashEd on Twitter and Facebook.

How does this affect Hailsham Community College?

Like all schools we are having to re-evaluate hard in the light of “protected budgets” which in effect means no funding for rising costs. Whilst we are undoubtedly looking to make efficiencies we are prioritising the experience for students and staff to ensure that we focus on ensuring the provision and experience for our community is maintained at the high standards we have set out. Many schools across the country have been cost cutting for some time and some feel they have little left to cut. We do have to look to make savings but we will still be able to maintain an offer that matches our very high expectations and ambitions.

However we do need all support from our community to raise the issue as a concern and would value all that you feel able to offer.

 FlatCashEd Campaign

Please click here to read our letters to Parents and Information Guide:

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