Pastoral Support

Pastoral Support and Mentoring: Useful Contacts

The transition from school to Sixth Form can be tough, both academically and emotionally. But here at Hailsham Sixth Form we will ensure you are well supported throughout your time with us.  The basis of success at Sixth Form is your wellbeing, and the way to help us help you is to be honest if you are finding something tough. Every adult at Hailsham Sixth Form is happy to listen if you need to talk.

Your Mentor

Your mentor is your first point of contact for any concerns you may have. You will meet with them in small groups or individually at least once a fortnight and they’ll keep track of your progress, your attendance and your wellbeing.

 pastoral support

Year 12 Mentors:

Jack Cassidy

Yvonne Corbishley

Chris Jackson

Jake Lambert


Year 13 Mentors:

Claire Cosham 

Max Dyer

Julie Horne

Lindsey Squires


Heads of Sixth Form – Mr Marsden and Mr Lambert         

Simon and Jake can be reached by email or drop into the Sixth Form Office.

If you have a concern or wish to contact a member of teaching staff directly please sign in to our Firefly system.

Instructions for Firefly are available here.

When you have signed in to Firefly, you can check your child's timetable to find the teacher you need to contact, or find their email address from a staff list.


Welfare Officers –  Chelsea Wright and Claire Findlay

College Nurse - Penny Brewer     

Drop-in meetings are available Fridays from 1.15pm-2.15pm. The College Nurse can be found in the Student Services area.


College Councillor – Suzy Donovan

Suzy will hold lunchtime drop-in sessions twice a week. Find her in the LRC.