The college underwent inspection by OFSTED in May 2013 and was judged to be ‘good’ throughout. Inspectors included the following comments in their report:

  • 'Students enjoy school and are proud of it.'
  • 'Students feel extremely safe in the school and say that bullying is rare and, if it does occur, it is dealt with very effectively.'
  • 'Almost all teaching is good and some is outstanding'
  • 'Students say that teachers are 'passionate about getting you what you deserve'.'
  • 'The good relationships between teachers and students are at the heart of the school's strong climate for learning.'
  • 'Staff and students get on particularly well in an atmosphere of mutual courtesy and respect.'
  • 'Students appreciate the quality of guidance and support that they receive.'
  • 'The social, cultural and moral development of students is a strength of the school.'
  • 'The school is a harmonious community.'