Students are now required to stay in education or training until they are 18.  Apprenticeships are for students who want to move into the workplace.  Students will work the equivalent of 30 hours per week (four full days) and complete the equivalent of one day per week study.  It will vary how this is delivered, some apprentices will attend college or training one day per week, others will have an assessor who visits them in the workplace.  If students have not achieved a C grade in Maths and English they will continue to study them.  Apprenticeships are a full time option, they are hard work but can be very rewarding.

Apprenticeships are also a good option for students leaving Sixth Form and not wanting to go onto University.  In some sectors the workplace experience will be a more logical progression.

As an apprentice you are in paid employment.  The current minimum wage is £3.30 per hour if you are aged between 16 - 18 or 19 and in your first year.  Some emloyers will pay more than this.  As an employee you will be entitled to paid holiday, usually around 20 days per year.  This will not necessarily coincide with college holidays.

There are some really good apprenticeship providers and support agencies.  Please ask if you would like some assistance.  All apprenticeships should be advertised through