Hailsham Community College strives for the highest standards in all aspects of college life. Uniform is one of the outward signs by which the local community recognises and makes judgments about our students.

It is important for individual students and the college as a whole that the way students present themselves is positive, professional and conveys a disciplined and well ordered learning environment. Smart uniform ensures that all students are prepared for work both in college and beyond. 

It is expected that all students will wear full college uniform whilst journeying to and from college, and whilst inside and outside the college buildings.  The uniform should be neat and clean, communicating that our students take pride in belonging to Hailsham Community College. Parents and carers are expected to support the policy with regards to ensuring the highest standards of college uniform.

Members of staff are expected to support the uniform policy, both in a class setting and around the college. The uniform policy supports the ethos of the college by determining the boundaries of acceptable dress.


Girls Uniform

Boys Uniform

College Blazer

College Blazer

*Plain white formal dress shirt – Long sleeve or short sleeve.  (No open neck/must be buttoned to the collar, non fitted and able to be fastened at the neck)

*Plain white formal dress shirt – Long sleeve or short sleeve.  (No open neck/must be buttoned to the collar, non fitted and able to be fastened at the neck)

College tie in House colour

College tie in House colour

*Plain black formal trousers (straight or boot cut only, no tapered or skinny fit. No jersey/Lycra/denim material)

*Plain black formal trousers (straight or boot cut no tapered or skinny fit. No jersey/Lycra/denim material)

**Plain black knee length skirt (no more than 5cm above the knee, and no jersey/Lycra/denim material. “Skater skirts” are not permitted.)


Flat, black leather shoes that can be polished.  Not suede or canvas.

Black leather shoes that can be polished.  Not suede or canvas.

Black socks/plain black opaque tights

Black socks

Girls PE Kit

Boys PE Kit

HCC PE shirt

HCC PE shirt

Plain black leggings

Plain black shorts

Plain black sweatshirt

Plain black track pants


Plain black football socks


Plain black sweatshirt

Trainers/Astros or Football boots (field only unless moulded)  – no canvas pumps, these are not supportive or protective enough for PE lessons

Trainers/Astros or Football boots (field only unless moulded)  – no canvas pumps, these are not supportive or protective enough for PE lessons

* Any item described as plain must have no patterns, markings or logos whatsoever.

Blazers must be worn at all times when moving around the college with the following exceptions:

  • Blazers may be removed in lessons at teacher’s discretion.
  • Blazers may be removed whilst participating in break/lunch activities on the all-weather pitch and on the field only.
  • Blazers must be worn on the playground.
  • During warm weather, blazers may be taken off around the college if communicated via the staff on the day.

Shirts and ties must be worn appropriately, i.e. shirts must be tucked in, collars buttoned and ties knotted to the neck and worn to the waist.

Outdoor coats/scarves/hats/gloves must be removed inside all the buildings.

Please be mindful when considering a skirt for your daughter that our Uniform Policy states that girls are permitted to wear a plain, black skirt that sits just above the knee.  Skirts should not be made from jersey or Lycra material and ‘Skater skirts’ are not permitted.  We do offer a school skirt that can be purchased from Blueprint.  Please note that, whilst the skirt is not compulsory, if a student is seen to be wearing a skirt that does not meet our policy requirements then we will request that either an approved skirt is purchased or appropriate trousers are worn instead.

Optional Items

  • Plain black knee length skirt (pencil, A line or pleated, no more than 5 cm above the knee and no longer than calf length)*.
  • Plain charcoal/dark grey ‘v’ neck jumper.
  • Plain black tights or knee length socks for the girls.
  • Plain white vest/t-shirt to go under shirts.
  • Plain black belts for trousers or a thin black belt for skirts.

Not permitted

*      Any style of skirt not mentioned above. 'Skater skirts' are NOT permitted.         

*      Cardigans.         

*      Tight, fitted open neck blouses that do not permit a tie to be worn correctly.         

*      Open neck shirts.         

*      Fitted blouses that do not permit them to be tucked in.         

*      Tight, hipster trousers that do not permit a shirt to be worn tucked in.         

*      Tight, drain-pipe trousers or 'skinny' trousers which are tight at the ankle.         

*      Casual or Jeans trousers (for example, Chinos, jeans or jogging bottoms).         

*      T-shirts worn underneath shirts that do not permit the shirt to be tucked in.         

*      Coloured T-shirts or T-shirts with logos.         

*      Trainers/canvas pumps - this includes any sports branded footwear.       

*      Sandals.       

*      Sweatshirt jumpers/'hoodies',         

*      'Fashion' belts.


  • No jewellery is to be worn, except for a watch, one ring per hand and small gold or silver (5mm diameter) studs. No other form of visible body piercing is allowed. Jewellery must be removed before doing P.E lessons.
  • Hair should not be any style which we believe would undermine the ethos or discipline of the college i.e. markings cut into the hair, unnaturally coloured hair or any extreme fashion, etc, which would create any undue interest in the students.
  • Any makeup should be discreet, subtle and worn in such a way that it appears entirely natural.
  • Coloured nail varnish is not permitted.


The Mentor will play an important role in monitoring uniform and helping to resolve any problems e.g. financial, or applying sanctions where it is appropriate. Mentors will contact parents/carers to resolve any recurring problems. House Leaders may send students home to change, having first contacted the parents/carers.

Any items not permitted in the uniform policy will be confiscated.  Parents/carers will be contacted and asked to collect the items.  Hailsham Community College takes no responsibility for personal possessions which are brought into the college. 


Our main uniform supplier is Blueprint Leisure and you will be able to order uniform direct from Blueprint via the internet at www.hccuniform.co.uk and have the items delivered to your home, or by visiting them at Unit 7, North Crescent, Diplocks Way, Hailsham where they will hold a full range of sizes of all key uniform pieces. 

To enable Blueprint to manage the number of customers on their premises at any one time and prevent long waiting times, they ask parents/carers to book an appointment online (at least one hour in advance).  These appointments will be 15 minutes long to allow students to try on the clothing and purchase if required.  If you have placed an order online and simply want to collect it from their premises, no appointment is necessary but you will need to telephone prior to arriving to ensure your order is ready.

The college PE kit is supplied by School Trends and can only be bought via the website www.schooltrends.co.uk or by telephoning Customer Support on 0870 165 0161.  The PE kit can be delivered to your home address (for an additional charge) or it is possible to opt to have the items delivered free of charge to the college and items can then be collected from us.  Please note that only the PE shirt needs to be purchased from School Trends as this is embroidered with the HCC logo and House colour, all other items can be purchased elsewhere so long as they are plain black and without any commercial logos or markings.

The college keeps a small supply of ties, which are available from the student reception.