Year 11 Support Programme

Year 11 Support Programme

All of us at HCC are doing everything we can to ensure students achieve to the very best of their ability. In the students lessons there is currently a huge focus on retrieval and recall of knowledge, practicing exam skills and filling key knowledge gaps. However this year, more than ever, it is essential that their learning process continues beyond the classroom and that they work just as hard outside of school hours as they do when they are in.

To enable you to support your son / daughter in this please be aware of key dates during the academic year and the wide ranging additional support programme that HCC offers. This will enable us all to work together in helping every individual to achieve their goals.

Key dates for parents:
Week beginning Mon 4th October – Curriculum support for Year 11 students and parents (online)
Monday 13th October – Mock series 1 (2 weeks)
Friday 26th November – Year 11 reports issued
Thursday 2nd December – Year 11 parents evening 1
Monday 31st Januay – Mock series 2 (2 weeks)
Friday 18th March – Year 11 reports issued
Tuesday 22nd April – Parents evening 2
Tuesday 3 May – Coaching mocks series
Monday 16th May – GCSE exam series begins

Additional support:

The wide range of department by department additional support is listed on the document below.

All Year 11s are completing a study skills programme in mentor time which includes a revision planner – please support your child by ensuring they have this, and that their revision has already started. You may need to speak to them about when and where they will undertake home learning, and discuss how best you can support them at this crucial time. This could be by ensuring they have minimal distractions, a dedicated place to study, and the resources that they need. The college may be able to help in providing resources your child needs to support their learning; please speak to us if you would like support.

Our ‘Achievement for All’ team may contact you around your son/daughter in some cases where our data identifies the need for an enhanced layer of support further to the above.

Please do not hesitate to contact the college should you have any further questions.

Year 11 Support Programme