Yr9 Options Process 2022

Yr9 Options Process 2022

In Year 9, you can select some of the subjects you would like to study in Years 10 and 11. This is called choosing your options.
Everyone has to study Maths, English and Science GCSE and BTEC Sport. You will also need to study either Geography or History. You will then be able to choose two more areas of study from a broad and balanced range of choices. Alongside GCSEs, you can study for work-related qualifications, also called vocational qualifications, BTECs or Technical Awards. You will also study PSHE/PRE (nonexamined).

Overview of the process

  1. Yr9 Student accesses their school email and uses code or link from the noreply@sims.co.uk activation email to set up account. (This activation must be fully completed before attempting to log in to the options site)
  2. Student logs in to http://www.sims-options.co.uk/ using either SIMS or Microsoft option.
  3. Student chooses their options choices and then saves,
  4. Parent uses their own separate activation email to sign in and ‘approve’ their child’s choices. Parents cannot set the options, only view, comment and approve them.

Please ensure the student has used the email invite sent to their school email to join SIMS Online Services and has fully completed their registration, using the link or code in the email first.

If they jump straight to http://www.sims-options.co.uk/ and login with Microsoft before they have activated, they can login but there will just be a grey blank screen.

Please explore the wealth of information about each course, with supporting short videos and additional links on our firefly site:

You will need a logon to access the Firefly site – Please see here https://www.hccat.net/the-college/firefly/ for further info, or email firefly@hccat.net