On behalf of everyone here at Hailsham Community College we would like to offer your child a warm welcome in September. 

Moving from Primary to Secondary school

Further information about the House you are joining is available here:

Parents will be asked to complete consent forms prior to their child starting with us.

Admission Form – is available on request from

All of the teachers at Hailsham Community College are looking forward to working with your child and, together, we will do our best to support them in being happy and successful here.

Moving from Secondary to Sixth Form – Sept 23

ESCC have requested all Sixth From providers offer transition / preparatory work for students joining their establishment.

Please download the Transition Task for each subject you are starting in September and bring the completed task with you, on your first lesson in September 2023

Psychology they need to:

To read up and write notes on the Psychodynamic explanation (Freud, and others) as well as Free Association and the Rorschach Test. They need to show a deep understanding/awareness which should be in there own words and include key terms/definitions. Copying it from a textbook/Wikipedia (etc) is likely to be spotted.

They may be asked to explain an area to the class.


Please purchase the book called “Head Start to A Level Maths” available through the CGP website: Head Start to A-Level Maths (with Online Edition) | CGP Books. We recommend that every potential A Level Maths student works through the booklet in small chunks over the break.