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County Lines

Over the last few weeks PSHE lessons have been looking at ‘County Lines’ and the impact they have on the individuals involved and those around them.  A theatre production company has been in college this week, giving a performance to Years 9 and 10 demonstrating these effects, raising awareness and building students’ confidence in knowing…
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Our Leverages

We make no apologies for how hard we are challenging students to achieve this year.  We know they have the potential but we need to ensure that they are provided with the right learning environment to enable each individual to thrive.  All teaching and learning across the college is guided by three key principles that…
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Year 11 Support Programme

All of us at HCC are doing everything we can to ensure students achieve to the very best of their ability. In the students lessons there is currently a huge focus on retrieval and recall of knowledge, practicing exam skills and filling key knowledge gaps. However this year, more than ever, it is essential that…
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Hailsham Community College Site Development

Expansion ConsultationTo students, parents/carers, staff, governors, and stakeholdersThe Governing Board of Hailsham Community College is proposing to expand the College from 1620to 1920 (420 of these pupils are primary age and taught at the Park Road site), plus 240 post 16 pupils.This will increase the planned admission number (PAN) at the secondary phase from 240…
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Covid-19 Update

Please see letters below for more details.

Free Toast or Porridge

Students can now get a free slice of toast or a bowl of porridge between 8:00-8.30 am from the canteen. Toppings for porridge are 20p Gluten free toast and oats & soya milk available