Bedrock Vocabulary – The online vocabulary curriculum for schools (

Bedrock is a comprehensive literacy programme designed to immerse students in broad and rich academic vocabulary whilst ensuring learners read interesting fiction and non-fiction texts. It consists of a series of topic blocks, each topic block is made up of 6 lessons. Students take a short test at the start of their Bedrock journey to ensure the content in the blocks are tailored to the individual needs. At the end of each block the student will take a short post test to determine if the new vocabulary has been learnt. Each bedrock lesson is an average of 15 minutes.

We use Bedrock because it is tailored to the individual student’s needs, adapting the exposure to new vocabulary at the students own pace using a wide range of different texts. The programme provides the students with individual knowledge organisers where they can clearly see the vocabulary they have learnt, what they are learning and what they have yet to securely learn. Bedrock provides instant feedback to the students and recognises when progress should be celebrated.

Bedrock is accessed through the Bedrock website using the students provided login details. Parents/Careers can also access their child’s progress using their Parent access code. There login instructions and a FAQ on our Bedrock LRC page available here

Students in years 7, 8 and 9 are expected to complete a minimum of 2 Bedrock lessons per week.

If there are any issues around Bedrock please contact Mrs Hobson or Mrs Harris using the Edulink app.