• Simon Mills, Director of Learning
  • Lindsey Squires, Assistant Director of Learning
  • Amy Wright, Business Teacher

In this fast paced and ever changing world in which we live having an understanding of business is more important than ever. Business encompasses many different areas from marketing, human resources, finance, ethics, managing people, starting business ideas, the economy – to name just a few…. It gives a great introduction to the wider world to students – how the world outside school and college works. Most jobs involve some use of business skills or understanding – for this reason we remain a very popular option for students who are keen to give themselves every chance for their future.

Year Group or Course Title BTEC First Business
Course Content A great introductory business course that will broaden your horizons and help you understand the big impact business has on all our lives….Business Purpose, Business Organisations, Financial Forecasting, Optional units; Marketing Planning, Business Online, People in Business or Customer Service.
Assessment Coursework based – comprising business reports, leaflets, posters, presentations.
Equipment Needed The business rooms have extensive computer facilities – so just a memory stick.
Homework Set weekly.  Homework relates to specific assignments and so helps build your grade.
Enrichment opportunities Thorpe Park visit to see how the park markets itself – learn fast hand how a top business markets itself.

Local business visits – a chance to step into the working world outside the classroom and understand how business works.

Year Group or Course Title GCSE Economics
Course content Economics is about the world around us; it’s current; it’s always changing; it’s always interesting. It’s the subject that allows you to study Tesco’s and ASDA’s methods of competition one day and learn about the environment and pollution permits the next day. It helps us answer the questions that we really want answers to. What is money, how do I get it, how can I spend or save it? Why do some people rent and others buy? Why are there empty shops in Hailsham? Why does the UK need migrants? Why should people work? Why does the UK owe £1.56 trillion?
Assessment Two exams in the summer term of year 11. No coursework.
Equipment No specific equipment required.
Enrichment opportunities there will be the chance to visit economics related events.

Year group or Course title

Year 12 and 13 – BTEC National Business

Course content

A rich and varied course that will give you a deep insight into business and learning that you can apply to whatever your future holds….

Business Environment, Business Resources (HR, management and finance part 1), Intro to Marketing, Business Communication, Optional Units: Finance, Recruitment and Selection, Ethics, Managing an Event, International Business, Retail, Team Building, Creative Promotion

Many of our students go to university having taken BTEC Business and many into work or further training…


Coursework assessment – no exams. Coursework will take the form of business reports, presentations, interviews, posters. (We’ll play to your strengths and help you broaden yourself too in the way we assess you).

Equipment Needed

The business rooms have extensive computer facilities – so just a memory stick.


2 – 3 hours per week.

Enrichment opportunities

Great visits and connections with business.
Thorpe Park visit – chance to attend business lecture at the Park – given by top employees!
Learn to organise large scale events
Business connections: many and varied – just see the silver board outside the business department!
Year Group or Course Title A level Economics (AQA)
Course content This fascinating subject investigates the economy and provides deep understanding into how it works. It is highly regarded subject by top universities as it requires logical thinking and application of thought. Economics is about the production, consumption and transfer of wealth (money)  in the country and globally.  So if you ever wanted to understand how the economy in the country operates this is the subject for you. You’ll leave the course with a lifelong understanding of key issues that affect the wealth of the country and which may well impact your financial decision in the future too.
Assessment: There are 3 exams in year 12 and 13.
Equipment needed: Course text book.
Homework 2-3 hours per week.
Enrichment opportunities Visits to London to the financial hub of the “Square Mile” – in the heart of the city. Visits vary on an annual basis though you will be hearing some of the very best Economics speakers in the country talk about the Economic climate and the future.