• Martyn Scott, Director of Learning
  • Adam Flett
  • Dave Miller
  • Scott Vickers

Geography is an interesting and enjoyable subject; the study of which widens horizons and helps students to understand the world in which they live. Our course includes both physical and human aspects of the subject and uses topical case studies whenever possible.

Departmental Aim:
“To provide the highest quality of educational experience for students so that they become enthused with the world around them”

Department Motto:
`Geography is about real people, real places and real issues`
Studying Geography allows the students to develop the skills of observation, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and empathy which will help them in Further and Higher Education, as well as future careers.

Key Stage 3

All Key Stage 3 students get one lesson of Geography per week.   The students study a wide range of subjects including map skills, life in their home region, climate and ecosystems, development, natural hazards, farming and the geography of sport/music/festivals.
Students are assessed against National Curriculum levels at regular intervals in conjunction with the college policy.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 Geography is a non-compulsory subject that students can choose as  one of their option choices. However the importance of the EBacc will mean that many students should choose either Geography or History GCSE.  At Key Stage 4 students have 2 lessons of Geography per week.  We follow the GCSE specification for Edexcel B Geography .  This course comprises of 4 distinct units.

Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5 students will take 4 lessons of Geography per week.  The students complete the AS unit in one year, this can be kept as a discrete qualification. However the expectation is that students continue Geography into A2, if they do so, the grade that they achieved at AS level will comprise of 50% of their overall A2 grade.  We deliver the GCE A Level Edexcel specification.

Year group or Course title

Key Stage 3 National Curriculum Geography

Course content

1. Map skills   ` Lost? Not with Geography`

2. Home Town/Region project …..`Up my street`

3. Climate/Ecosystems/ Adventurous landscapes   `The Matrix `

4. Country projects       `Geography is Going Places`

5. Development   `Saying Pants to Poverty`

6. Farming           `Bish-Bash-Bosh`

7. Natural Hazards `The Mission Impossible`

8. FESTIVAL Geography   `sport/music/dance`

Year group or Course title

AS/A2 Geography Assessment

The department follows the college policy for assessment..This includes fixed milestone assessments that use National curriculum levels for Key Stage 3, and exam grades at KS4/KS5. The latter assessments are usually past papers.

Equipment Needed

All students should have their own pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and planner, which should be brought to all lessons. Planners are placed on desks for use.


Homework is regularly set in Geography building up progressively from Year 7 and is part of the taught curriculum, in line with College homework policy. A variety of hwk types are set and not always written assignments. Students record their homework tasks in their College Planners. If students persistently forget hwk they will be kept in for a `break`/after school detention and depending on severity parents/mentors informed to bring about the necessary change.

Enrichment opportunities

The department is constantly thinking of ways to enrich our curriculum. Fieldwork is an important part of this and students should be able to access some outdoor education as part of their Geography course..from school based to coastal fieldwork depending on the level studied.