Gifted and Talented/Most Able


  • Mr Alistair Larter

Gifted & Talented/Most Able

Who are the Gifted and Talented/Most Able students?

• The DfE has defined Gifted and Talented students as a cohort of between 5% and 10% of a college’s population.

• This group is divided into the Gifted – academically most able – and the Talented whose expertise lie in areas such as drama, performing arts, sport and music etc.

• The DfE guidelines are for a ratio of ⅔ Gifted to ⅓ Talented.

• Gifted and Talented students are principally identified at HCC using CATS results and/or teacher nominations.

• ‘Most Able’ is defined by Ofsted as the brightest students starting secondary school in Year 7 attaining Level 5 or above, or having the potential to attain Level 5 and above, in English (reading and writing) and/or mathematics at the end of Key Stage 2. Some pupils who are new to the country and are learning English as an additional language, for example, might not have attained Level 5 or beyond at the end of Key Stage 2 but have the potential to achieve it.

• While the terms ‘Most Able’ and ‘Gifted and Talented’ may be used synonymously, they may also refer to distinct and separate curriculum provision.

• At any given time, HCC has approximately 100 Gifted and Talented students and 400 Most Able students. Most, but not inevitably all, Gifted and Talented students will also qualify as Most Able.


It is a primary concern at HCC policy to:

• Maintain a culture and ethos that champions the needs of G&T/Most Able students.

• Help G&T/Most Able students to flourish and leave school with the best qualifications.

• Provide first-rate opportunities for G&T/Most Able students to develop the skills, confidence and attitudes needed to succeed at the best universities.

• Find ways of discovering and promoting hidden talent.

• Raise awareness among staff, governors and students about the needs of G&T/Most Able students.

• Encourage, support and evaluate the progress of G&T/Most Able students.

• Support and guide G&T/Most Able students into higher education, including leading universities.