Home Learning

Student Links to Home Learning sites:

The College uses a number of Online systems to provide home learning to our students.

These systems will be stretched beyond normal capacity in the coming weeks, so if one doesn’t work, please try another.

For the Primary:

Tasks are being emailed to Parents, who can then share their progress with the Primary teachers using Tapestry

For the Secondary\Sixth Form:

Firefly – Student Home Task listDoddleMathswatch
EduCake – English specific tasksBedrock (Yr 7&8) MyMaths
Teams (Yr 12 & 13, available as website, and App)MethodMaths (Yr11)

Other Sites are also available to help you,


Firefly, is the system used by teachers to set tasks for students https://hailsham.fireflycloud.net/

How you logon to Firefly depends if you are a Parent or Student (Students must click the Office 365 link on the right then use their email address and school password, parents can use their personal email in the main box on the logon screen). If multiple students are sharing the same device, they should log off once finished.

PDF Student Instructions for how to access Firefly and get support is available below

HailshamCC Firefly Student login

HailshamCC Firefly Parent login

Parents can also install the Parent app on their phone, or tablet to check their childs progress https://helpcentre.fireflylearning.com/parents

If prompted our school code for the App is HAILSHAM

Firefly have been adding additional capacity due to current demand. If you have any issues getting on to Firefly, you can check their status site https://fireflylearning.status.io/