Home Learning

Table of Contents:

Student Links to Home Learning sites:

The College uses a number of Online systems to provide home learning to our students.

These systems might be stretched beyond normal capacity during the pandemic, so if one doesn’t work, please try another.

For the Primary:

Tasks are emailed to Parents, who can then share their progress with the Primary teachers using Tapestry

Further Remote Learning support info for primary parents is available here

For the Secondary\Sixth Form:

Firefly – Student Home Task listSENECAMathswatch
EduCake – English specific tasksBedrock (Yr 7&8) MyMaths
Teams (Yr 12 & 13, available as website, and App)MethodMaths (Yr11)


Key Stage Three

Should any student wish to extend their studies, we recommend the following audio recordings:

Year 7: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/series/p07lbz36

Year 8: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/brand/b0456vt5

Year 9: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/brand/b02v1q2n

Key Stage Four

Pupils will be set work according to their timetable.

To ensure our learners continue to make good progress, teachers will be setting work related to the curriculum using a range of blended learning such as reading and writing tasks, audio- visual clips, Oak Academy teaching videos and EDUCAKE activities. The work will be set on Firefly; students must complete each task and submit to their English teacher by the deadline given.

Key Stage Five

Within KS5 teachers will be providing a mixture of live lessons, pre-recorded lessons and independent tasks set on both Teams and Firefly depending on each group’s individual requirements. Student’s should check their emails and Firefly for invites and work set and should email us if there are any issues.

Other Sites are also available to help you,


Firefly, is the system used by teachers to set tasks for secondary students https://hailsham.fireflycloud.net/

How you logon to Firefly depends if you are a Parent or Student (Students must click the Office 365 link on the right then use their email address and school password, parents can use their personal email in the main box on the logon screen). If multiple students are sharing the same device, they should log off once finished.

PDF Student Instructions for how to access Firefly and get support is available below

HailshamCC Firefly Student login

HailshamCC Firefly Parent login

Parents can also install the Parent app on their phone, or tablet to check their child’s progress https://helpcentre.fireflylearning.com/parents

If prompted our school code for the App is HAILSHAM

Firefly have been adding additional capacity due to current demand. If you have any issues getting on to Firefly, you can check their status site https://fireflylearning.status.io/

How students logon to Firefly to check their tasks

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows students to connect and communicate with their teachers, and participate in scheduled Teams Meeting lessons. Firefly, and email still need to be checked for tasks and school communication.

For the best experience with ‘Microsoft Teams‘, students should install the app onto the device they use for home learning. The link to install Teams is available here or via the Google Play or Apple App stores if you use a smartphone or Tablet.

Once installed, the app is logged on to using your student email address, and normal school password.

A Webcam or device camera is not needed for students to participate in the scheduled lessons. A built in microphone or mic\headphones can be used to respond to questions by voice. If a mic is not available it is still possible to respond to the teacher via text responses.

Any scheduled Teams meetings appear in the Calendar and an invite is emailed to students college email.

At the time of the scheduled lesson students can join via the calendar, link in email, or via their class team channel.

Once the scheduled lesson begins, Students should mute their microphones. If they would like to ask a question they can ‘Raise their hand’ or type a message using the message button. Microphones should only be unmuted when requested to do so by the teacher. Students need to remember to ‘lower their hand’, and re-mute their mic afterward. For further information on Teams etiquette, and expected Behaviour\sanctions, please refer to the Teams Policies below.

Guidelines and protocol for Teachers and Students Teams online lessons