Primary Curriculum

Hailsham Primary Academy fosters a life-long love of learning, through adopting a highly practical
and cross-curricular approach, which is full of opportunities and experiences. The creative curriculum
delivers a 21st century education that equips learners with the skills and knowledge required to be
independent and responsible citizens. Our broad curriculum develops the whole child.

The curriculum is delivered through:

  • Making learning accessible to all, regardless of background or disability.
  • Embedding expert learning values of good attendance and punctuality, effort, learning behaviours,
  • focusing on progress, a commitment to learning and the value of enrichment and additional learning.
  • Developing a sense of community and belonging with links with local, national and international
  • organisations and partners.
  • Equipping learners with social skills for life (through cooperative learning).
  • Using the curriculum as a vehicle to ensure learners become economically responsible.
  • Providing opportunities and experiences for children to hold in their long-term memories.
  • Making learning more meaningful, through context and practical outcomes.
  • Establishing cross-curricular links to foster a broader understanding.
  • Building on learners’ skills and knowledge