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Choosing which subjects to take at Sixth Form is absolutely crucial for your future and career path. In making these choices you need to weight them against the college or Sixth Form that are offering them.

The key question to think about when choosing your subjects relates to how you prefer to study. If you know you like coursework and lots of teacher feedback on your efforts as you work through a subject, then it would probably be wise to look at more vocational based courses. At Hailsham Sixth Form this means looking at BTEC Applied or BTEC vocational subjects where your final grade is a cumulative total of your performance across the two years – which is assessed at regular intervals.

When it comes to academic study, known as A Levels, you need to remember that these are two year linear courses, at the end of which you will be assessed on your learning and understanding of the subject. If you are someone who likes making notes, revising previous topics and then applying all you have learnt in assessed coursework or the pressure of an exam, then this qualification could be for you.

It is important to note that universities, higher education providers and employers all now view BTECs and A Levels on equal footing. There is no better course in their eyes. What people want to see is that you were able to apply yourself, push on to the highest grades that you can achieve and be a conscientious and committed student. Do that and doors will open.

The three buttons below will provide you with all you need to know about each of the subjects we offer here at Hailsham Sixth Form. You can expect the very best teaching from teachers who are experts in their chosen area and who provide dedicated support when and where you need it. This is not merely a line to encourage you to apply – it is absolutely one of the key fundamentals will pride ourselves on, allowing all of our students to be successful and happy.

Once you have chosen subjects you think might work for you, be sure to apply via or simply get in touch via We are here to listen, support and advise no matter what school or college you attend or even if you are returning to education after a year out or having attended elsewhere.

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