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Hailsham Sixth Form offer a variety of A Level courses:

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SubjectOverview of Subject
ArtExciting and creative 2 Year course full of short projects and which encourages  experimentation and the development of individual skills. Personal support and guidance is given as students work towards personal themes for coursework and exam entry.  
BiologyDeveloping your knowledge of the living world from GCSE, you’ll study many familiar topics but in much more depth.  Assessed practicals across the 2 years develop well rounded  Biologists, who are adept at and understand cutting edge developments in areas such as stem cell engineering
ChemistryGaining insight into the chemical world, adding depth and detail to familiar topics from GCSE, as well as finding out about completely new things like Infra-red spectroscopy, how to make aspirin or biodiesel.  You’ll develop your practical skills throughout the 2 years, trying out lots of techniques that will serve you well in future careers.
EconomicsEconomics is a subject that affects the entire world around us.  This course will give you a real insight into why and how people, businesses and governments make the decisions they make – decisions that affect you and the way you live your life.
English  LanguageThis course encourages you to develop an interest in and enjoyment of the English language through analysing how spoken and written language are used, the way that language is learnt by children, and how it has evolved over time.
English LiteratureThis course encourages you to develop an interest in and enjoyment of English Literature, through reading widely, critically and independently.  You will be introduced to the traditions of English Literature as well as exploring modern texts
Further MathsFurther Maths A Level provides you with the chance to explore areas of Maths which are not in the main syllabus.  It is regarded as desirable for many degree courses (including Maths, Physics, Engineering and Computer Science).   
GeographyGeography is about real people, real places and real issues. As international links become closer, easier and faster, we need more than ever to understand the Geography of the world. An exciting subject that includes coursework and is highly regarded.
HistoryHistory A Level is a popular and engaging subject that looks back at some of the momentous and pivotal points in history. Combining student led coursework with units designed to engage and enthuse, this course has a high success rate.  
LawLaw students will study a variety of topics including law-making and the role of Parliament, the work of the judges, criminal law, tort (negligence), contract law, etc.  Law is an interesting and exciting subject to study and is well regarded by universities and future employers.
MathsMaths A level is great for developing problem-solving.  It is a highly respected qualification which is useful for many degree courses.   
PhotographyA course full of short projects that encourages experimentation and the development of skills. Assessed on a theme personal to the student, it is a collaborative and supportive subject.
PhysicsBuilding on your GCSE knowledge, we’ll look at how to explain the world around you. There is a real emphasis on explaining and problem solving, and your maths skills will find real practical use here. There’ll be new topics such as particle and quantum physics, as well as enhancing topics you’ll find familiar. You’ll be well prepared for a future in engineering or any physical science, amongst other things, and physics is an A Level that will open many doors for you.
PoliticsPolitics affects every aspect of our lives. Studying A Level Politics allows you to investigate and question who holds power, how they got it and how we can get rid of them. Through innovative and active lessons you will explore world events as they happen and analyse their impact on the UK and USA.
PsychologyPsychology is the study of human behaviour. The first year of the A Level course covers topics on the human memory, the attachments we make to others, approaches in psychology, social influence, psychopathology (abnormality) and research methods. The second year covers topics on schizophrenia, relations, forensic psychology, biological psychology, issues and debates and research methods.
SociologyA course that is as much challenging as it is rewarding. Students will analyse concepts and theories relating to the education system, factors impacting on our social experience and also the impact of the media on our lives. A particularly interesting topic of study is that of crime and deviance and the criminal justice system. Students will apply/evaluate key theories and research methods. Sociology sits particularly well with Psychology and Law.