Careers Programme

Hailsham Community College’s Careers programme

Hailsham Community College look to raise aspirations, broaden horizons and breakdown stereotypes for our learners. The careers programme is an integral part of this work. It should help students to understand the purpose, and benefits, of education. It should aim to inspire and motivate them to greater achievement in their formal qualifications as well as successful progression into the next stage of their lives, and the ‘world of work’ in the longer term.

A robust and inspiring careers programme should be an integral part of the whole school and, as a result, HCC’s careers programme offers both formal careers education, information, advice and guidance activities, as well as other opportunities linked to each of the students’ subjects, whether this is delivered through bespoke lessons, external speakers, educational visits or developing our staff’s knowledge of the careers and opportunities linked to their subject areas. We believe that the whole school staff has a responsibility for the ‘careers education’ of its students and, therefore, it is important that all staff maintain an up-to-date knowledge of the opportunities that relate to their subjects, encourage students to explore ideas and are happy to provide additional information to students, or to refer them to other resources/colleagues with a more specific knowledge. To support with this we have a Careers Champion role in subject departments where a member of staff is the link between the department and careers leader to help support other staff end ensure careers are embedded in their curriculum area.

In addition to the proposed CEIAG programme, we should also aim to provide students with opportunities to experience the ‘world of work’ and to develop their key employability and enterprise skills throughout Years 7 – 11 and beyond if they continue on into the Sixth Form. To support this we have an excellent network of employers who support the college in a variety of ways. Students have opportunities to meet employers through a number of activities, visit workplaces for bespoke subject specific trips or part of Open Doors programme with East Sussex County Council. Also year 10 and Year 12 have the opportunity for a block week work experience placement.

Finally, we aim to continue to develop a range of different resources, including through the school’s website and Firefly, to support the students and their parents/carers in researching and planning their futures. Through strong partnerships with other organisations, including the local authority, Further and Higher Education providers, apprenticeship providers and employers – including our Enterprise Adviser – we offer appropriate information and support for all of our students so that they can all make successful transitions within, and beyond, HCC and have successful and fulfilling lives in the future.

Please click below to download the HCC Careers Programme 2021/2022 PDF