House Leader – Mr Scott Vickers

ECC – Mrs C Croud – Year 10 Mentor
EFM – Mr F Malone – Year 10 Mentor
EJL – Mrs J Leahy – Year 7 Mentor
EKO – Mr K O’Kelly – Year 8 Mentor
ELM –  Mr L Marshall – Year 8 Mentor
EMM – Mr M Maxwell – Year 9 Mentor
EMS – Mr M Scott – Year 7 Mentor
END – Mrs N Dyer/Ms M Dunnaway (Thurs) – Year 9 Mentor
EPM – Mrs P Mellish/Ms M Dunnaway (Mon) – Year 11 Mentor
ETH – Dr T Howley/Mr S Cox – Year 11 Mentor

Ennis ‘House ethos’

In Ennis all students form a family which we like to define as “Two or more people who share goals and values, have long-term commitments to one another, and reside usually in the same dwelling place.”

Why ‘Ennis’?

When Hailsham Community College’s House system was first introduced in 2001, the names reflected our sporting focus as a newly designated Specialist Sports College. In 2013, we have been exploring ways of supporting the Olympic legacy in order to provide a lasting reminder of the phenomenal success and achievement of 2012’s Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Jessica Ennis was born on 28 January 1986. She took to track and field at a young age, developing a near-perfect hurdle technique at just 10 years old and winning the high jump competition at the National Schools Championships at 14. Following a stress fracture in 2008 and a subsequent 12 month break from competition, Ennis made a comeback in 2009, winning the Heptathlon at the World Championships and the World Indoor Pentathlon title the following year.

At the 2012 London Olympics Jessica Ennis won a gold medal in the Heptathlon.

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