House Leader – Charlee Southall

SCT – Mrs C Thomas/Mrs E Rodway (Wed) – Year 8 Mentor
SCW – Miss C Watson/Mr M Moore – Year 10 Mentor
SDP – Mrs D Pett/Mr M Angella (Fri) – Year 10 Mentor
SKD – Mrs K Delmon – Year 7 Mentor
SKT – Mrs K Tully/Mr T Walter (Mon) – Year 7 Mentor
SKY – Mr T Kelly – Year 11 Mentor
SRW – Mr R Wilkinson – Year 9 Mentor
SSD – Mr K Brown – Year 11 Mentor
SSG – Mrs S Gilbert – Year 9 Mentor
STC – Ms T Chandler – Year 8 Mentor

Simmonds ‘House ethos’
Pride with skills results in best work.
Passion with direction results in ‘goals galore’.
Belief with action results in dreams coming true.

Why ‘Simmonds’?

When Hailsham Community College’s House system was first introduced in 2001, the names reflected our sporting focus as a newly designated Specialist Sports College. In 2013, we have been exploring ways of supporting the Olympic legacy in order to provide a lasting reminder of the phenomenal success and achievement of 2012’s Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“I’ve got high expectations of myself. I’m quite a competitive person and I hate losing.”

Ellie Simmonds was born on 11 November 1994. She began swimming at the age of four and entered her first competition just four years later. After watching the 2004 Paralympic Games on television, Ellie was inspired to take her sport to an elite level and stepped up her training with the aim of qualifying for Beijing 2008. At just 13 years of age, she achieved her goal and won two gold medals at the games.

Following her success at the Beijing Paralympics she continued to swim internationally, winning ten gold championship titles whilst at the same time continuing with her education. She is currently studying A Levels in Citizenship, History and World Development. One of her ambitions is “to compete in five Paralympics and win medals at all of them.”
At the 2012 Paralympic Games she entered four competitions and won two golds, a silver and a bronze.