Rewards System

We strongly believe that praise is the key to the success of every learner. Our aim is to increase self-esteem and raise achievement by rewarding adherence to the high standards of behaviour in the college community. We recognise and promote good and improved behaviour by learners through a system of recognition and rewards. These include the use of:

• Praise and positive feedback;
• Certificate and awards;
• Letters/post cards to parents/carers;
• Programme of public recognition reward events such as achievement evenings and assemblies;
• The HCC Recognition Scheme.

Our Recognition Scheme recognises the personal qualities of learners that they exhibit in lessons and around the College. The Scheme is an opportunity to not only identify these skills/qualities in the classroom but highlight their transferability to the workplace. Each of the skills is directly relatable to skills needed in the workplace or further education irrespective of the job sector. Below is an example of the different badges that can be awarded:

Reward assemblies take place each term to celebrate the success of learners and to award badges and certificates. Students who achieve all 10 of these badges will be awarded with ‘Expert Learner’ status, which will enable them to have priority and discounted access to the end of year rewards activities. In assemblies, weekly ‘Expert Learner’ certificates are awarded to a student who has demonstrated excellence during the past week. Students who receive these certificates are given small incentives such as vouchers for our canteen, cinema tickets or high street gift vouchers.

In addition to these rewards there are other incentives that take place for different aspects of college life. These include, but are not limited to, awards for attendance and progress. For each of these, students are recognised for excellence as well as for improvement.